Announcing Zebra Savanna Data Services!  Now available on the Zebra Developer Portal!  

It's not every day that Zebra announces something like a brand new Data Services platform launch.  For the past several years, we’ve been working diligently to build a system where we can open up edge data driven services.  We are now able to make a number of services available as self-service on the Zebra Savanna page.  

Services that we are providing as full production are in two product categories:

  • Barcode Intelligence
  • Blockchain Traceability

Barcode Intelligence is a set of APIs that provide data on top of a barcode scan to enhance the data your application is gathering.  Normally a scan just retrieves the encoded data and a symbology.  With these services, it can provide FDA recall information, images of the product, or production information. 

Blockchain Traceability provides a curated set of APIs that enable immutable records to be created whenever a barcode is scanned, an RFID tag is read, or a print job is completed.  This is especially useful when you need to trace products throughout a supply chain or across industries.

These are the APIs that are in full production release right now.  In addition to these, we are opening up the door to new ideas and feedback in a way we never have before.  For Savanna, we now have a Sandbox area for you to vote on services and provide feedback to inform our future services.   Soon we will open it up for you to submit your own ideas for services you’d like to see.

There are 3 areas to explore in the Sandbox:

  • Ideas - where you can vote on and eventually submit ideas.
  • Concepts – Mock APIs to get feedback on how an API will work.
  • Prototypes – Fully functioning APIs that you can test out and provide feedback.

Check out these spaces as some of our coolest APIs are in this area as we further harden them for release.

We intend to release new APIs on a very quick basis now that we have the infrastructure in place so keep an eye out for new services.  For more help on getting started, check out the Getting Started Guide or post a question on the Forums.

Robin West

Solution Architect/Technology Advocate

Zebra Technologies