Zebra’s range of Android Mobile devices come equipped with Power Precision or Power Precision+ batteries.  You can learn more about Power Precision / Power Precision+ from the product page but one advantage of these batteries for the app developer is access to a wealth of additional battery information not available on consumer Android handsets:

  • Manufacture date
  • Part number
  • Serial number
  • Backup battery voltage
  • Battery capacity
  • Decommission status
  • Cumulative charge
  • Number of charge cycles
  • Present capacity
  • Health expressed as a percentage
  • Time until empty
  • Time until full
  • Amount of usable charge remaining in the battery

All of these properties are available from the standard Android battery Intent, Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED which has additional extras on Zebra devices as defined in our Battery Reference Guide.

I frequently get asked for a sample app showing how to access these additional properties and you can find this application at  Please see the readme file for more information and note that the application is provided without any guarantee or warranty; it is not an official, supported Zebra sample but is provided in good faith.