Industry News - Week of Aug. 26, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Self-charging eDumper; Bad Packets Caused CenturyLink Outage; Galaxy Note 10 Adopts iPhone Design Element; Zebra Dives into AR; Measure Distance Using Light Speed; How to Improve Dev Skills Wisely



Electric Dump Truck Re-charges Itself
Here's a positive development in perpetual motion vehicles. This 45-ton mining dumper drives empty up the hill using its own electric motor. When bestowed with its 65-ton payload, a regenerative braking system is able to recapture about 10 percent more energy going down the hill than it used going up. 

CenturyLink Network Failure Blamed on a Few Bad Packets
One bad apple might not spoil a whole bunch, but four bad data packets are being blamed for a 37-hour network blackout experienced last December by U.S. telecom company CenturyLink. The conclusion was revealed in a report published last week by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. 



Galaxy Note 10 Mirrors Apple
A tear-down by repair site iFixit has revealed not only that Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10 contains its motherboard within the upper half of the case (allowing for a bigger battery), it also divides and pancackes the main board in a way similar to Apple's iPhone. Could this lead to additional lawsuits between these archrivals?  



Zebra Demonstrates Real-world AR Apps
Augmented reality isn't just for gaming, and Zebra has proved that with some amazing ways to apply AR to real enterprise use cases. 

Measure Distance Using Light Speed
While it's not new to use the speed of light as a contant to measure distance by time-of-flight, sensors are now available that are cheap and small enough to put that capability into a smart phone.   

What to Avoid When Improving Dev Skills
With the pace of change in the tech field always accelerating, it's critical to sharpen skills and remain competitive. It's also critical to avoid wasting time acquiring skills you don't need or learning from sources that could be headed in the wrong direction.