Industry News - Week of Jun. 17, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Robotics in the Military; Chrome Changes on Ad Blockers; Impinj Sues NXP; Huawei Seeks 'Play Store' Content; WhatsApp Snoop; Hyper-threading Goes Dark in ChromeOS; A TensorFlow Primer; What's Coming in Android Q

Could Military Robotics Lead to Real-life Skynet? 
Automated defense and descruction continue to spark debate as technology increasingly finds its way onto theoretical battlefields.  

Google To Make Nice With Ad Blockers
Developers building apps for the Chrome browser might again become collateral damage in Google's war with ad blockers, according to the UK-based Register. A related piece in ZDNet has a different take.    

NXP Infringed Alleges Impinj
Seattle-based chip maker Impinj has filed suit against giant semiconductor maker NXP, alleging that the Dutch company infringed on 26 of its patents. 

Huawei Seeks Content for its 'PlayStore' Clone
Chinese phone maker Huawei, which in May was barred from doing business in the U.S. by president Trump, this week announced an Android fork along with a plea to developers to please help populate AppGallery, its replacement for the Google Play Store. 

WhatsApp Flaw Could Lead to Snooping
A vulnerability in the VoIP stack used by the popular WhatsApp messaging app could allow spyware to be installed on a device after just a phone call. 

ChromeOS Ditches Hyper-threading
Citing flaws relating to data leakeage, developers of ChromeOS in May announced that they would disable Intel's Hyper-threading technology. Apple, Microsoft, Red Hat and others have since said they plan to follow suit. 

Machine Learning 101: A TensorFlow Primer
For developers seeking to make their apps grow smarter on their own, Google's TensorFlow software libraries is probably a good place to start.  

What's Coming in Android Q?
TechRepublic's Jack Wallen takes a look inside Android Q, which reportedly will enhace security, be more customizable and provide an improved user experience over its predecessor, Pie. And if Quiche were a dessert, it would get our vote for its moniker.