Industry News - Week of Mar. 7, 2022

Edward Correia - March 07, 2022

IN THIS ISSUE: Kremlin Creates Digital Divides; Stack Overflow Ups its Game; One Step Closer to 'SkyNet?''; Teams Aren't Using Microservices; Cutting Through Tangled Git Branches; Reading Between the Twitter's Lines 


A demonstrator in a yellow jacket and blue scarf attends a vigil after Russian President Putin ordered invasion of Ukraine.

Kremlin Creates Digital Divides

As the war over Ukraine rages on, lines are drawn not just on the physical battlefield, but in cyberspaces across the world. 


Stack Overflow Ups its Game

Developer-community help and collaboration site Stack Overflow has announced that its Stack Overflow for Teams tool now does a better job of identifying and eliminating information that is old, outdated or otherwise obsolete. 


One Step Closer to 'SkyNet?'

Artificial intelligence seems to become more so every day. And while automatic coding has been around for decades, a new AI tool is reportedly getting "very good" at programming in C. Can it be long before the AI starts reprogramming itself?  


A technician pulling on a tangled mess of CAT 5 cables - Stock Image -  F023/0796 - Science Photo Library

Git Tower 8 Helps Cut Clutter

Developers that have been using Git for source-code management might have experienced difficulty when branches spawn other branches and sub-branches. Before long, it's as complicated as the tangle of wires under their desk. Git Tower offers a solution. 


Java Microservices: Why Aren't Teams Using Them? 

According to the Java Developer Productivity Report, published annually by development tools maker Perforce, developers are finding that the once-promising technology costs more time than it saves. 


Screenshot of source code from Twitter.

Analysis: Twitter Code Under the Microscope 

A close look at the opening lines of Twitter's source code reveals some interesting things about CSS and also what it might say about job applicants. 



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