IN THIS ISSUE: Sephora Fined for Selling Data; Block Cookies, Block Functions; Making Toggle Buttons Clear; Beware of Cryptominers Bearing Gifts; Chinese Hackers Publish Fake News Site; Meta Open-sources Data Management Engine


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Sephora Falls Prey to Privacy Laws 

And so it begins. Cosmetics retailer Sephora has agreed to pay the state of California $1.2M in fines brought about by a lawsuit alleging that it had sold customer information while its website claims that it doesn't. It's the first enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act


Block Cookies, Block Functions

Messages about cookie usage are a common part of today's web experience, and most people probably just hit "accept all." But security-conscious visitors who block cookies might also be locking themselves away from your app's critical functions. Find out here. 

パソコン・インターネット | ページ 23 | かれっじライフハッキング

Toggle Button Do's and Don'ts

It might seem like a simple thing to present visually, but toggle buttons can sometimes cause confusion, and even present career-changing risks. This two-part tutorial dives deep. 


Beware of Cryptominers Bearing Gifts

A devious piece of Linux malware was detected earlier this month that installs itself through the PyPI Python repo and begins mining Monero, a cryptocurrency commonly used by ransomware thieves. 


APT40 members indicted by United States Department of Justice in 2021

Chinese Hackers Publish Fake News Site

In an apparent attempt to infect governments and energy companies, a group of Chinese hackers was discovered to be behind a series of multi-vector attacks in Australia, Malaysia and Europe. 




Meta Introduces Velox

The Facebook engineering department last week introduced Velox, an open-source execution engine that it says can accelerate and streamline the development of data management systems and very large databases.