Zebra DevTalk | Using Bluetooth Devices In Your App Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Attention Developers, on April 13th, we will do a deep dive on the EMDK ScanAndPair API


The ScanAndPair API provides simple methods to programmatically pair/unpair a remote Bluetooth device. We will demonstrate how to use these API's when pairing BlueTooth Printers. So bring your laptop and EMDK For Android dev environment and follow along.


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Thank you to all who attended this DevTalk, for those who missed it, here is a link to the webinar recording:




Load up the project built in this DevTalk and follow along:

DevTalk Project Source Code


In addition to the DevTalk project, you can also see how the API's can be integrated into your Graphic User Interface by loading up the sample app provided by the EMDK online documentation:

EMDK ScanAndPair API Sample Application