Workstation Docking Cradle Demonstration

Ian Hatton
Zebra Technologies EMEA


This demo configuration uses the Second Screen utility from Google Play ( ) to automatically reconfigure a TC5x device in the Zebra Workstation Docking cradle so that it uses the high resolution required for a connected external monitor. The Second Screen utility will support multiple profiles for different resolution monitors and can be configured to load a profile automatically when the device is placed in the cradle and unload it when it is removed. This allows the high resolution switch required for the external monitor to occur automatically without any user intervention .


The SN barcode above will install the following apps on a TC5x device with a pre-configured internet connection:

1. Install DisplayLink

2. Install SecondScreen

3. Install Opera Browser

4. Map Nullkeyboard utility to PTT key to enable/disable popup keyboard

Manual Steps required


  1. Place device in Workstation cradle and wait for a few seconds for the DisplayLink driver to automatically load. On the first insertion in the cradle, it will ask for manual confirmation that the driver should be loaded each time the device detects the external display. It will also ask for manual confirmation that the display content should be shared .
  2. After confirmation, the existing device display will appear on the external monitor connected to the cradle via the HDMI port
  3. Start SecondScreen and create a new profile by pressing the + button

  1. Enter a new profile name (ext in this case) and leave the screen type to default TV (1080p)

  1. In the detailed settings screen, change the density to 160dpi:

  1. In the detailed settings screen, change the screen timeout to ‘always on while charging’ – this will prevent the display from switching off while the device is in the cradle.

  1. At the summary screen below, press LOAD EXT to test the profile

  1. Check ‘don’t show again’ and press OK in the screen below: