DPXTest no output

I recieved my TC55 and rand DPXTest application with sample forms Manufacturing.pdf and Postal_T_L.pdf.  In "Demo Scan" the sample documents get scanned but no output is presented?

Lawrence Ng

Hi Charles,

Could you elaborate on what you mean by "no output is presented"? When a form is scanned successfully, a list of results should come up on the screen. If you see the dialog box being closed after ~10 seconds, this indicates that the form was actually not successfully scanned, and that a timeout occurred. If you could describe the behavior of the app around the time you see the issue, that would be great, as that will help us debug the problem.



Charles Zabroski

I got it to work.  I had the wrong demo template selected.

David Singer

Charles... I did that too sort of.  I was on the default "Postal, Transport & Logistics" template and was trying to scan a label on a Moto box and because it was not the correct label.  I got the thing to scan and was holding the device steady and heard about 8 camera clicks and then it went away.  Lawrence told me too that I was using the wrong template.