ET1 EAP Partners

Congratulations to our EAP ET1 partners that completed a great set of applications for the ET1 Jelly Bean device!


Company nameApplication NameApplication Description
Decision Point SystemsAPEXWare™ Field Service (FS)APEXWare™ Field Service (FS) enables you to capture lost revenue, provide proof of service delivery, reduce inventory shrinkage, and reduce back office administration. A field deployment of wireless handheld devices with integrated bar code scanners enables your business to run completely paperless. APEXWare™ FS is also offered as a hosted model, thus eliminating the need for costly IT infrastructure (on-site server, IT resources).
JL MOBILE SYSTEMS, IncXSales® MobileXSales® Mobile Client – front end - runs on a wide range of mobile devices and supports complete multidimensional functionality POS execution, including Sales, Trade and Marketing, Logistics and Commercial Assets Management.
Kutir MobilityAsset TrackerAsset Tracker, created with RhoMobile for the ET1, MC40 and TC55, uses barcode scanning, pictures, text, GPS and signature capture, stores operational data on the mobile device which is synchronized with a remote database when either wif-fi or WWAN is established.  Adapts to many vertical markets.
MiT Systems, Inc.MiTEzSales Mobile®Allows field sales reps to quickly create and submit efficient orders at the customer location to enable immediate fulfillment of their products. This real-time application is designed to allow mobile sales reps to place orders while utilizing industry best practices to automate the sales process while providing an intuitive user interface and workflow.
Nortia ITNortia Sales Force"Nortia Sales Force Mobile", that is a mobile solution for making pre-orders anywhere, easily integrated to your company's ERP using mobile devices equipped with a portable thermal printer, proving an innovative and valuable asset to the sales force, improving the customer purchase experience. Desenvolvemos a solução de vendas móvel "Nortia Sales Force  Mobile", que se integra ao ERP do cliente e utiliza dispositivos móveis em conjunto com uma impressora portátil, proporcionando mobilidade e agilidade ao vendedor para realizar o melhor atendimento e concretizar vendas com eficiência.
Optimal Solutions, S.A. de C.V.IntelliRoute Ruta 40IntelliRoute SFA is a management tool designed for any mobile company for distributing consumer products, service providers, wholesalers, etc.. Who wants to strengthen the management on their customers and increase sales through accurate and updated information
Otrum AsOtrum Enterprise Touch HousekeepingA simple HTML tool to allow hotel staff to report:
- room status of guest room
- Minibar consumption
- technical in-room faults
The HTML solution can also control the in-room TV. The service is located either locally on the hotel premises, or it can be hosted off site with Amazon Web Services
RedBeam, Inc. RedBeam Asset Tracking RedBeam and Motorola’s ET1 Enterprise Tablet make fixed asset tracking easy.  Track computers, equipment, furniture, and other valuable assets with this comprehensive fixed asset tracking solution and the Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet.
Stella Nova TechnologiesMobile POSThe Stella Nova Mobile Point of Sale solution provides retailers with a fast, secure and flexible answer to multi-channel, multi-geography POS operations. With seamless operability between register, mobile, kiosk and dot com, Stella Nova gives retailers the flexibility of embedded or cloud hosting all within a WCF 4.0 framework for easy configurability and extensibility. Straightforward integration with other Stella Nova and third party applications ensures ongoing productivity and long service life.
Zebra Technologies, Retail SolutionsZebra Commerce – Sales AssistSales Assist is the latest set of applications for Zebra RETAIL. These applications are initially focused on the tablet platform; however, they will also support the hand-held form factor.
The primary objective is to positively impact on-floor sales performance by empowering the sales associate to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The true power of these discrete applications is how they work together. They create compelling use cases for changing the shopping floor experience. 
Applications: Sales Suggest, Item Search, Sales Request, and Mobile Checkout.
Strategic Systems & Technology CorporationStrategic Asset Tracking SystemThe Strategic Asset Tracking System is a comprehensive asset database and a flexible mobile computing application. In addition to being able to scan and read bar code asset IDs in the field to update asset information, the mobile software allows the user to perform audit inventories.
Talecom LimitedWireless Delivered ®Wireless Delivered® mobilises field workers, taking existing paper based processes away and converting them into mobile applications, making users more efficient and far more productive. Wireless Delivered is provided with an instant return on Investment, No capital expenditure, just a simple fixed monthly fee, with all development costs included for the lifetime of the contract. The software is configured to replicate the paper processes that a field worker and office worker have to complete in order for a job to be processed, delivered and invoiced. The software is installed onto a mobile device which the field worker can then use to receive, track and complete jobs while out on the road. The information can be communicated from the mobile device to the back office system and back again, in real time, via a GPRS/3G or WIFI network.
Velocitor SolutionsRoute PODApplication will contain the following components: Proof of delivery, signature capture, routing/GPS turn by turn, inventory management, barcode ID,  WWAN for real time data, vehicle inspection.
XRS CorporationXRSThe new XRS wireless data collection and analysis system is the first fully functional mobile solution for the trucking industry. XRS keeps drivers and fleets compliant with government regulations. It helps trucking firms slash costs, reduce accidents and makes life easier for drivers. It’s focused on the wireless device that goes wherever the driver does. XRS is a convergence of wireless trends in the important trucking industry: It goes anywhere because it’s mobile; it is flexible because it’s in the cloud; it is social because it operates on the driver’s device used for personal business and communication; and XRS software collects and manages mission-critical compliance