Zebra has regularly heard feedback from the developer community about your mobile and web based applications that output PDF reports, documents and shipping labels for printing. The standard label printer is unable to directly process PDF formatted documents, without requiring middleware software to convert PDFs into formats the printer can understand. This adds additional challenges for developers and customers.

Zebra Development Services provides solutions that enable your business to keep up with the growing demand for devices that are mobile, intelligent and connected to the cloud. We've heard you and we've created an on-printer application that allows Link-OS printers to directly receive and print PDFs without requiring conversion or middleware.

For more information, read the attachment in the linked post to understand how applications are now able to send PDF documents directly to Link-OS printers.  Zebra Technologies - PDF Printing through Link-OS PDF Virtual Device

A full sample code application using PDF Virtual Device for Zebra Printers can be found here.