Printer Page Update!

Hi Everyone,

In addition to planning our sessions for the APPFORUMS, the printer ISV team has been hard at work on a complete redesign of the Launchpad printer page. To that end, we are planning a potential  service outage of  the site from Thursday Sept 17th at 5:00PM CST to 7:00PM CST.  This will only effect the Printers page.  Please do not attempt to post anything during this time.  After that, look forward to the new look and feel of the printer developer pages. 

A main reason for this update is the positive responses and high activity we've had.  We want to make the experience even better to direct your questions to people who may have similar questions or really know the answers.  We also want to make it easier to find our sample code and repository of articles on many technology topics.  We've had this repository of sample code available to just our partners for some time, but now we are slowly opening it up to the full developer community.  Along with that we have reorganized topics to make it easier to find the information you care about.


I hope you like the new site, but we welcome feedback if you don't

Robin West

Solution Architect