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I wonder if Zebra have  the sample code of ZXP 3 in C++ with the latest SDK.

The application is move the card to the position under the antenna of one third-party contactless smartcard reader.
When the encoding is finished, move back the card to the print-ready position and print card.

I have found the sample code of ZXP 7&8 in C++ with the ZMotif SDK on the  If we can not find the sample code of ZXP 3 in C++, I want to know the way to modify the ZXP 7&8 sample code to the ZXP 3.

Looking forward to early reply.

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What about using <strong>Browser Print</strong> with <strong>ZXP 1/3</strong> <em>Card</em> Printing.. Is it possible? The <strong>DevDemo.js</strong> / <strong>Index.htm</strong>l does not work when trying to print a card to a ZXP Series 3.