Draft Mode and Cold Temperature Compensation

Draft Mode

Draft Mode is used for applications in which faster print speed and text printing are prioritized over barcode scan-ability. Draft Mode is not intended for use in cold or high-temperature scenarios, as higher speed printing in these environments can result in either very light printing or blurry output.

How to turn Draft Mode on:

The "media.draft_mode" command can be sent to the printer to enable Draft Mode. The command has two states – "on" or "off". The default state is "off".

To turn Draft Mode "on," send the following command:

! U1 setvar "media.draft_mode" "on"

NOTE: the command must be followed by a carriage return/line feed or a space character.


Cold Temperature Compensation

The ZQ500 series printers incorporate a new feature that optimizes performance in cold-temperature scenarios.

Lithium ion batteries typically do not perform well in cold-temperature environments. In cold conditions, the printer might display an error or shut down if battery output drops to a low enough voltage level.

The Cold Temperature Compensation feature automatically optimizes printer performance in cold temperature scenarios. This allows the printer to continue operating, even in cold conditions. As the printer warms up, the printer will automatically stop using the Cold Temperature Compensation feature.

NOTE: When the printer enters Cold Temperature Compensation mode, the print speed will be automatically varied to ensure optimal print density. The unit may be audibly louder or print slower when the printer is using the Cold Temperature Compensation feature.


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