New Interface and Development Options Make Supporting Card Printing Easier Across a Wider Range of Environments

Zebra understands our partners are deploying Card printers with increasing complex applications from simple ID card printing to complex secure encoding and work flows. Developers of these complex Card ID applications require support for many different environments and methods to communicate and integrate ID and Card Printing technology.


Partners have asked why we have different interfaces across our product line, which makes it difficult and time consuming to support our entire ZXP Product line. With this new ZXP S3 SDK, we now have common interface methods and routines for our ZXP Card Printer line making it easier to support the entire product family.

As part of our on-going commitment providing a wide range of robust Card printer interface methods and technologies to our ISV and developer community, Zebra’s new Card software suite features the following enhancements.


New ZXP Card SDK for ZXP Series 1 and ZXP Series 3 printers make supporting the entire ZXP family of Card printers easier with one set of common interface methods


Zebra new SDK for ZXP Series 1 and ZXP Series 3 printers makes it even easier for the ISV community to support the entire ZXP Card Printer family. This new SDK does not require the Windows Driver, and has the same ZMotif SDK methods as the ZXP Series 7 and ZXP Series 8 printer. With a similar library and coding methods and new Encoding over Ethernet capabilities, this new SDK enables ISVs to develop and deploy their applications across the broadest Card Printer family in the market.

Download the new Series 3 SDK library, documentation and sample code.


Updated Windows® 10 Drivers support all Zebra ZXP Series printers

With these new Driver releases, we now provide a more consistent and Microsoft Certified Windows 10 support across our entire ZXP Series line of Card Printers. Customers and developers can now be assured of a seamless and error free installation of our drivers on all supported Microsoft OS platforms.

To see which Microsoft OS planforms are supported or to download the latest Windows Driver for all our ZXP Series Printer Platforms, visit the support and download page for each printer at SUPPORT FOR THE ZXP SERIES 3 CARD PRINTERS.

New native Mac OS Driver for ZXP Series 1™ and ZXP Series 3™ printers

Now ZXP Series 3 and Series 1 customers and developers can natively support and print directly from an Apple Mac application with our MacOS printer driver. Complete with installer and driver preferences GUI controls, this new driver provides a complete “Apple” printer set up and install experience for trouble free printing. To download the MacOS driver datasheet and driver install, visit the install and download page for ZXP Series 1 or ZXP Series 3 at SUPPORT FOR THE ZXP SERIES 3 CARD PRINTERS.

臻 李

I wonder if Zebra have  the sample code of ZXP 3 in C++ with the latest SDK.

The application is move the card to the position under the antenna of one third-party contactless smartcard reader.

When the encoding is finished, move back the card to the print-ready position and print card.

I have found the sample code of ZXP 7&8 in C++ with the ZMotif SDK on the  If we can not find the sample code of ZXP 3 in C++, I want to know the way to modify the ZXP 7&8 sample code to the ZXP 3.

Looking forward to early reply.