Announcing EMDK for Android v4.2

EMDK for Android v4.2 is now available. Find installers for this and previous releases on the EMDK Downloads page.


Whats New in v4.2


Profile Manager:

  • Added support for the MX v5.1


  • UI Manager
    • Added new feature to set the language to localize the device to match the preferred language of the intended Device User.
    • Added new feature to enable or disable pulling down the Notification Panel.
    • Added new feature to display or hide the Settings icon in the Notification Panel.


  • App Manager - Added new feature to launch an application by specifying the application name.
  • Host Manager - Added new feature to set the device host name to identify device both locally and within any DNS-enabled IP-based network.
  • Bluetooth Manager - Added new feature to allow or disallow the mobile device to pair with new remote devices.
  • Analytics Manager - Added new capability to control the data captured by the analytics engine such as data transportation, type of information to collect and data collection scheduling.
  • Updated the DataCapture feature:
    • Added support for additional scanner devices:
    • Bluetooth Imager 1 (please note this value is for use with RS507 only)
    • Added support for controlling the barcode decode notifications:
    • Aim Mode - Enable/Disable scanner aim during scanning.
    • Illumination Brightness - Controls illumination brightness of the imager.



  • Updated Barcode Manager APIs with the following features:
    • Enhanced the ScannerInfo class for the selecting the scanner:
    • Added new method getDeviceIdentifier() for selecting the scanner from the supported scanner devices. This method provides the information returned by the getConnectionType() and getDeviceType() methods in one call.


For more details on this release, see the EMDK for Android 4.2 About Page

Anton Rops

As I understand it this update provides a more native way to use the RS507 scanner (Bluetooth Imager 1). How does it work? I could not find docs yet.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hello Anton, By "more native" what do you mean.  Support for the RS507 has been in the EMDK for many versions.  The Barcode Sample app shows how to use a bluetooth scanner such as the RS507. What issues are you having with the scanner?

Anton Rops

Hello Bill, thanks you for your answer.

The approach in the sample app, using the API, is the one that I prefer. I have a RS507 configured in SSI, paired with a TC55. How do I make it show up in barcodemanager.getSupportedDevicesInfo()? Only the internal scanners appear in the list. That is the issue I have.

Anonymous (not verified)

Anton, which Zebra device and OS are you developing for.  For Jellybean you would first pair the device via the bluetooth pairing utility installed on the device. Then it will show up in getSupportedDevicesInfo().   For KitKat, the barcode API's will display the pairing dialog for you when you request a scanner object of type BLUETOOTH_IMAGER1, then call enable() on the scanner. once paired on KitKit it will show up in getSupportedDevicesInfo().

Scanner - Zebra Technologies Techdocs

BarcodeManager.DeviceIdentifier - Zebra Technologies Techdocs

Darryn Campbell

Hey Anton, to my knowledge, the pairing utility is not available separate to the OS Image, and the RS507 is not officially supported for JB on the TC55. I would suggest upgrading to a newer OS image for that device.

Sergey Antonov

Hi Anton,

Did you manage to get it working? I'm trying to do the same but with no luck so far.



Anton Rops

Unfortunately not. I still would appreciate a solution. It looks like there is missing a piece of information.

Best regards,


Anton Rops

The device I use is a TC55BH-JC11ES, which is Jellybean. However, there is no bluetooth pairing utility installed on it. I paired it without the utility, which is probably not sufficient. Is there a way I can install the pairing utility on the device?

Anton Rops

Hi Bill, the device was updated to Kitkat, and now it works great.

Thanks for your help.