Hello Programmers!  I’m back again with my series on printing from within websites.  This time I’m going to talk about using a client program to print. 


The downside is that, until recently, you had to write a client program for every OS you wanted to support with your website.  There is still the possibility that you may want to do that, but there are now several options to serve this need.


The benefits of using a client program are that most support multiple connectivity types like USB, Network, and Bluetooth.  They also are now supporting multiple OS's.  Some of these programs are self-contained and handle many aspects of printing including status checking and formatting.  Other programs provide a large amount of control to you as the web developer to handle the entire user experience.  Regardless of which you choose, your website coding to work with these apps is minimal.


Zebra has our own app to enable web-based printing called Browser Print.  This first release is for PC and USB connections, but stay tuned as we look into other operating systems, browsers, and connectivity types.  We are providing a JavaScript library and simple sample code to help enable your web apps.  It gives you full bi-directional control of the printer to get status and settings as well as print.


If your web app is primarily targeted towards mobile devices, Zebra has several partners with excellent apps that work with your webpages to allow your customers to print.  Sample code is easy to integrate. These apps are designed to take the heavy lifting of handeling the printer off your hands.

MobiPrint by Arrowhead

Centvia by Centrategy



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