Zebra at Xamarin Dev Days - Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa - September 2016

Xamarin Dev Days, in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2016, provided developers a hands-on, roll up your sleeves, knowledge quest and coding event. Attendees explored mobile development topics and spent their afternoon digging deep into code.


In the attached presentation from Zebra, attendees learned how Zebra & Xamarin will help them build Enterprise Android Apps Using C#.


Included was an overview of EMDK for Xamarin Setup, capturing scanned data, and deploying apps & devices through Stage Now.  For developers looking to integrate Zebra Printers, there was an introduction on the Link-OS Xamarin SDK, best practices for building printing apps, printing workflow, printer discovery and how to connect to a printer. The feedback received said this was a well-attended and valuable event for all participants.


Engaging topics and new ideas…


Afternoons spent digging deep into code!