DroidCon UK Zebra Hackathon - New Idea Generation with TC8000

For four days in October 2016, Zebra met with over 300 developers in attendance at DroidCon UK. Developers from all across Europe and the world learned from industry leaders about Android development. A Zebra team introduced Zebra devices, tools, and the Visibility That’s Visionary message to the attendees. The last two days focused on our Zebra Hackathon.


Inspiring ideas from over five teams participating in Zebra’s Hackathon at DroidCon UK 2016 resulted in new, innovative solutions utilizing Zebra’s TC8000. Thinking outside the box, each team, coming from different countries across Europe, created some fascinating applications. The TC8000 was designed for usage in the warehouse to help increase productivity. This product simplifies how workers physically use and interact with the device in various settings.


The Hackathon teams at DroidCon took this a step further, identify new and creative use cases.  From engaging the enhanced sensors for facial recognition to pull suspect information for police, to helping facilitate online shopping with a store pickup feature, for two days these eager teams created the best apps with one of our top products. Here’s some new ideas shared by the five competing teams:


The Competitors


Blue Scanner On Fire

Comprised of German and Dutch developers, this team built a master machine to conquer others. This app took advantage of multiple hardware device features including speakers, camera, accelerometer, NFC, programmable LEDs, scanner imaging used for targets, vibration upon target connection and utilizing the Hot Swap Battery when a current battery is extracted from the scanner, this winning team steered more towards an entertainment designed tool built  on Zebra’s EMDK and utilizing Firebase for analytics and bitbucket to share code.


Dave Snowdon

Going solo on this one, Dave constructed a Badge Photo Scanner. Using the camera, the Open CV library for face detection and image manipulation, along with standard EMDK usage, this app sent the scanned face image to a Zebra printer to print for a badge.


Team Quartet

Hailing from Munich, this 3rd place group placed on their “protective eyewear” (a freebie pair of shades at the conference) and engaged in a game of laser tag. This sent the TC8000 scanner into new territory, vibrating upon connecting with a fellow scanner, utilizing the scan, camera, accelerometer, EMDK while using the BitBucket pipeline.


Team Awesome-Zebra Identity

The Slovanians were on the beat, bringing the TC8000 into the police force!  Activating the camera, API, Firebase, and facial recognition through scanning the faces of potential suspects, the TC8000 can now recognize a face and place them in the suspect pool.


Team Frasa

The Italians came to compete. Using the scanning, QR Codes, DataWedge and NFC, this team employed the TC8000 to build an app to equip store employees with the ability scan and gather items customers purchased for in-store pick up.


Each team brought a new concept for an app to full fruition, making this a jam packed Hackathon.  The feedback from the teams was nothing short of a cool experience, and everyone treasured the TC8000.

While the TC8000 was designed for use in warehouses, the creative use of this product generated new ideas for potential future uses of this product. The top three winning teams walked away with new HooToo 3D VR Headsets. Zebra experienced one of the best Hackathons to date and was inspired and energized by these innovative developers. #droidconuk @zebradevs


    The Winners!


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