Industry News - Week of July 3, 2017

Edward Correia -

Qualcomm Uses Pulse as Password

Showing off a new series of sensors at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai last week, chip-maker Qualcomm says its versatile fingerprint readers work across glass, metal and even under water.


Google 'Android of Things' Targets Beginners

Recognizing that IoT is more than a passing fad, Google's Raspberry Pi-based development kit comes with all the right stuff.


Google To Halt E-Mail Snooping

Though it will halt the practice of scanning private email to tailor the ads it displays, the company will continue to mine the other things it knows about users to generate revenue.


Wearable Technology Paves a Road to Worker Safety

Caterpillar and construction-design firm Skanska demonstrate solutions being developed to keep workers safe and avoid costly accidents and workplace mishaps.


Wearable Passwords? New Device Does That and More

In today's digital world, it was only a matter of time before someone developed an appliance to store passwords, credit cards, biometrics and other access methods.



EU Slaps Google With Heavy Fines for Monopolizing Search

The European Union has imposed a $2.7b fine on Google, charging the company abused its power by favoring its own products in search results.


The Case for Low-Power Bluetooth

With mobile pay, mobile ticketing and the like, mobile phones are quickly becoming the one thing you just can't leave home without. Is there a single wireless standard that's best for all things?


Amazon Testing a Free In-home Fitting Room

If there's one thing that's keeping online clothes shopping from going viral, it's now being addressed. 


Edward Correia

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