Industry News - Week of Aug. 28, 2017


Android 'Oreo' Promises a Smarter, Faster Mobile OS

The next Android edition changes a few important things. Read the Android Authority review and the official migration guide.


Google Partners Promise Oreo-flavored Hardware This Year

LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony are among the hardware makers that have committed to releasing devices with the cream-filled cookie inside.


Oracle Explains Why It Will Open Java EE Source Code

Company seeks a more inclusive governance process, more flexible licensing and a Java community that's more responsive to market needs.



IBM Uncovers Mass Partnership, Beefs Up Blockchain Adoption

In partnership with major food makers across the U.S., IBM is leading an effort to use shared ledger technology to improve consumer confidence in the food supply.


A New Breed of Sensors Use Almost No Energy

A new technology that combines RFID with an ultra-low power sensor have applications across the internet of things, including medical, industrial and agricultural.



Motorola's Plans for a Phone With Self-Healing Glass

The company's patented process uses heat to literally melt the effected areas to repair cracks.


Court Orders Microsoft to Allow LinkedIn Data to be Harvested

Talent management company hiQ Labs, which makes its bones scraping public data from sites like LinkedIn, defeats Microsoft's attempt to block it.


Kotlin 1.1.4 Fixes Bugs, Performance Issues

The latest version of Kotlin, the new language that runs in existing JVMs, now runs better with the Java 9, adds new features to and improves performance of IntelliJ IDEA plugin, plus a whole lot more.