Industry News - Week of Jan. 29, 2018

Qualcomm in the Hot Seat; Android 8.1 Judges Wi-Fi Connections; UK Company Unveils .5TB microSD Card; IoT Company Explores Indoor Mapping


Qualcomm Faces Heavy Fines

Chip-maker Qualcomm has been slapped by the European Union with a $1.2 billion fine, accused of exclusionary practices in its dealings with Apple.


Apple To Add Health-Record Management to iOS

Apple, which teamed up with leading hospitals, is working on a feature that it claims will simplify patient access to their health records using the iPhone.



U.S. Ski Team Adds VR to Their Training Regimen

With the Olympics right around the corner, the United States ski team has revealed one of the (until now) secret weapons it has been using to train.


'Pepper' the Robot Tried and Failed

Call this an important teaching moment. A trial run that employed a humanoid robot named "Pepper" to interact with shoppers in a grocery store didn't proceed quite as hoped.



Android Oreo to Reveal Wi-Fi Speeds Before Connecting

A feature reportedly being added to Oreo 8.1 will display icons to indicate relative speed of Wi-Fi networks in the list varying from "slow" to "very fast" prior to connecting.


IoT Company Explores Indoor Mapping

A company called Here Technology, which has focused primarily on outdoor mapping, has turned its attention to indoor locales, and acquired indoor map-maker Micello to help plot the way.


Cashier-less Stores: The Downside

By now, most people have heard of Amazon Go, the grocery store with no checkout line that opened a week ago today. But there's an ugly side to this phenomenon that was cut from the most media coverage.




'HOPSI' Robot Performs as Expected

Panasonic earlier this month demonstrated "Signage HOPSI," an autonomous robot that slows or stops when it detects people and displays one or more of its three digital signs as a form of advertising.