Zebra DEVPODCAST - Digging Deep on Android in the Enterprise

Tune into to listen to our hosts Dan Quagliana and Mark Jolley  as they interview Andy Zmolek, Android Enterprise Evangelist, and dig into Android and the enterprise. Android has made a huge investment on features since Lollipop and extras that are now popping up in Oreo. Collaboration with partners such as Zebra helps to better understand how Enterprise customers use Android devices and how that differs from consumer use.

Learn about best practices on security and privacy, how Google Play Protect looks for any potential harmful apps and how Android supports cross-platform and native development. Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest on GDPR  and understand Google's role under these new regulations through this link.

There is also a wealth of information for Google Android developers in the Enterprise and helpful for those developing on Zebra. Go here for more information.

This podcast is a gem. Listen to it and more on Soundcloud.

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