IN THIS ISSUE: Windows 10 Update Fails; Android Studio 3.2 Targets Pie; IEEE Calls it 'Wi-Fi 6'; Uber Fined $148m for Data Breach; TomTom's Free Maps API; The Disappearing Century-old Company;


Windows 10 Update Fails

Back up your files before installing the Windows 10 October update​; errors have been reported, including a fatal one involving Intel drivers.

Android Studio 3.2 Brings Slice of Pie

Google's latest Android IDE builds apps as bundles (not APKs), and supports Slices, which shows features without opening the app.

'802.11ax' Gets a New Name

Building on the success that "Wi-Fi" has had for wireless Ethernet, the IEEE will be going with "Wi-Fi 6" when referring to next-gen Wi-Fi.

Uber Fined $148m for Data Breach

Internet taxi company Uber was slapped with $148m in fines for exposing 57 million customers to hacking, and then trying to cover it up.

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TomTom Challenges Google with Free Maps API

Mobile GPS pioneer TomTom has released its maps and traffic-flow tiles for free, giving developers an alternative to Google Maps.

How Companies Last a Century

Once upon a time in America, the vast majority of companies stuck around for 100 years or more. Now just a few do. Why?