Scanner Software Tools Update – Q3 2018

Daniel Quagliana -

Zebra has released updates to the barcode scanner software tools. You can now download this software from our support site. Links for this are noted below.

123Scan Version 5.00.0001

  1. Key Feature - Added support (localization) for simplified Chinese language. 123Scan will automatically open in simplified Chinese, if this is your Window’s default OS locale. Note to manually change 123Scan’s localization, click Preferences / Language / Localization and select your desired language. After clicking Apply, restart 123Scan for the setting to take effect.
  2. Name of utility changed from 123Scan2 to 123Scan. 
  3. Utility’s Windows desktop icon changed to 123Scan.png
  4. Bug fix – Fixed 1D bar code printing issue for CS4070 specific parameters.

123Scan Version 5.00.0003

  1. Key Feature - Fixed firmware update error by updated 123Scan’s CoreScanner Driver to a Microsoft signed, Zebra USB “SNAPI Imaging driver.”
  2. Added back option, removed in 5.0001, to send “ASCII Tab and Enter” into MDF actions options.
  3. Increased reboot reconnect time from 5 minutes to 8 minutes when updating firmware available from Start and Discovered Scanners tabs.
  4. Bug fix - Added back option, removed in 5.0001, “Erase All Rules” barcode back to programming barcode report.
  5. Bug fix - Added back option to insert the (less than), > (greater than) and ? (question mark) characters into ADF String/Trigger code field.
  6. Bug fix - Fixed issue related to ADF configuration barcode failing to configure scanner when it been localized to Chinese Language. 

Scanner SDK for Windows v3.03.0011

  1. Introduced support for barcodes encoded with Windows’ code pages like Russian and Korean.
  2. Introduced registry entries to:
    1. Control the value of the OPOS Power State property.
    2. Configure scale behavior.
    3. Configure Windows’ code pages.
  3. Introduced support for the NCR direct I/O command to get the “Scale live weight” data.
  4. Fixed a security vulnerability – Exe execution can no longer introduce a shell command injection via filename.
  5. Minor bug fixes.

SDK for Linux v4.3.1

  1. Key Feature - Added support for Intelligent Document Capture (IDC).
  2. Added support for JPOS Scale Asynchronized Read Weight -1 (forever) timeout support.
  3. Added ability to specify an onboard udev library using the corescanner’s configuration file instead of the system default.

Scanner SDK for Android v2.4.1

  1. Key Feature - Added support for Image capture, Video capture and Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) over USB cable using SNAPI communication protocol.
  2. Bug fix – Bluetooth (LE) Low Energy communication now more reliable and faster (i.e. firmware update is faster).

Scanner SDK for iOS v1.4

  1. Enable AutoReconnect for MFi scanners.

Linux SMS v1.2

  1. Key Feature - Firmware/Configuration update for cascaded and Bluetooth scanners.
    1. Direct connected cradle paired Bluetooth scanner.
    2. Direct connected MP6000/MP7000 with auxiliary scanner.
    3. Multiple directly connected scanner support (up to 5devices).
  2. Firmware/Configuration update through management mode IBMHH.
  3. Supported distributions
    1. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, 64bit architectures.
    2. Ubuntu 14.04, 64bit architecture.
    3. Ubuntu 14.04, 32bit architecture.

Reference Material

• List of Software Tools:

• Download Site:

• How-To-Videos:

• Data Capture DNA:


Daniel Quagliana

Daniel Quagliana is the Global Developer Outreach Manager at Zebra. He works with Zebra’s ISV Partners and Developers to build awareness & educate on Zebra’s portfolio and tools to enable the creation of innovative Enterprise Visibility Solutions. Since the founding of Zebra’s ISV & Developer Program he has helped tens of thousands of developers around the world build thousands of industry leading applications. Previously Mr. Quagliana was a software engineer and the project lead, managing product development for Zebra’s strategic accounts. Prior to joining Zebra in 2007, Mr. Quagliana spent 5 years in the software development field. He received a B.S. degree in computer engineering from Northwestern University and is a credentialed Project Management Professional.

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