IN THIS ISSUE: IBM Acquires Red Hat; Windows S Client for Teams EOL; What Gorilla Glass Does Best; Google Boosts Account Security; Smart Glasses for the Deaf; Better Background Execution on Android

Ginni Rometty and James Whitehurst.png

   Ginni Rometty, chairman, president and CEO of IBM, (right), and James M. Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat.

A Marriage Made Of Clouds

Late last week, IBM announced that it will purchase Red Hat in an all-stock deal valued at about $34 billion. The Linux maker will be part of IBM's Hybrid Cloud team.

Microsoft Cancels Windows S Client for Teams

Starting Nov. 29, the Windows S Client for Teams will cease to function. Citing bugs and slowness, Microsoft offers these alternatives.

Gorilla Glass Better for Cracks Than Scratches

When faced with the decision to focus on protecting the glass from drops or everyday wear and tear, Corning decided on the former.


Google Requires JavaScript for Login

The security sentries at Google have decided that JavaScript is one of four measures required before allowing account sign-in.

Smart Specs for the Deaf

Blending voice recognition with augmented reality, Smart Caption Glasses from Epson could open new worlds to the hearing impaired.

Better Background Execution on Android

With an eye toward power preservation, an Android expert shares techniques for more efficient app execution in the background.