Industry News - Week of Jan 28, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Windows 10 Mobile to End; Linux Bug Squashed; First Rugged Smart Watch; Google to Block Ad Blockers; 4 in 5 Firms to Increase 2019 Tech Buys; Blockchain Warning; Amazon's AI Requires 10k People to Operate

Microsoft Pulling the Plug on Windows 10 Mobile‚Äč

Technical support and security updates will end on Dec. 10 of this year, giving developers have less than 12 months to find a replacement.

Linux Bug Squashed

Like a spider that's stomped the moment it appears, a gaping security hole in a core Linux installer component was found and plugged.

Workerbase First to Market with Rugged Smart Watch

After 18 months of research and factory ride-alongs, the German startup claims its wearable computer boosts productivity by 20 percent.

Google to Block Ad Blockers

The search giant has proposed changing the Chromium open-source browser project to prevent content blockers, including those that suppress advertising pop-ups.

83 Percent of Companies Will Buy More Tech in 2019

More than four out of every five companies will increase their investments in technology and high-tech infrastructure this year, a study shows.

Consultant Says Blockchain is 'Hype,' Roils the Faithful

Company urges caution when implementing shared ledger technology, and doing so only when genuinely required.

Alexa Employs 10,000 Workers

If you thought that Amazon's artificial intelligence system worked alone, you were off by a small city.