Industry News - Week of Feb. 11, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Android Image Danger; Power from Wi-Fi; 2019 Retail Trends; Fixing Chrome Slowdowns; Progress on Prosthetic Eyes; IoT Ideas; Satya Nadella Five Years In


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Beware of Android Images Bearing 'Gifts'

It should go without saying not to open messages from unknown sources. Yet an alarming number of people still do. Heed the latest warning.


Getting Power From Wi-Fi

Researchers at MIT are developing a material that they claim can extract enough energy to power smartphones and other electronics.


Three Trends from NFR that will Shape Retail for 2019

Big news that might not have been obvious to attendees of the National Retail Federation's annual confab in New York City last month. Also see the NRF Forecast.


Google Developing a 'Never Slow' Mode for Chrome

Remember the videos demonstrating how lightning-fast the Chrome browser once was? Google wants to make Chrome great again.


Australia Makes Progress on Prosthetic Eyes

Researchers down under are working on an optical implant they claim is effective for restoring some types of visual impairment.


Five Emerging Trends for IoT

For developers still trying to figure out how and why to build apps for the internet of things, here's some food for thought.


Steve Ballmer

Satyella Nutella Five Years In

it has taken half a decade, but Microsoft's chief executive has finally been able to undo the damage done by his predecessor.