Industry News - Week of Mar. 25, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Firefox 66 Burns Auto-play; Java 12 Enhances GC; Facebook Exposed User Passwords to Staff: Employee Empowerment Fail; Medical Device Vulnerability Found; Low-code Tools Adding Code Support


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Firefox 66 Blocks Obnoxious Video Auto-play

Tired of videos that automatically play when visiting a web page? The latest version of Firefox suppresses them and delivers loads of performance and security enhancements too.


Java 12 Overhauls Garbage Collection

The dozenth Java all but eliminates the pauses often seen in an application when the VM is freeing up its unused memory, according to reports. it also simplifies the syntax of switch expressions, among other enhancements.


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Facebook Stores 600 Million Passwords Unencrypted

Tens of thousands of employees of the world's largest social media site had complete access to more than half a billion Facebook user passwords. What could possibly go wrong there?


Business101: Don't Focus Too Much on Culture

The Harvard Business Review explains how ground-breaking, innovative companies sometimes fail when they let employees chart their direction.



Vulnerability Found in Medtronic Heart Implants

As high-tech continues to enhance the medical device industry, the imperfections of technology come into sharper focus. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a warning last week that upwards of 750,000 of these devices contain flaws.


Forrester Research: Low-code Tools Add Support for Coding

It might seem oxymoronic, but so-called declarative development tools once marketed as requiring little or no coding are now boasting the opposite.