Advice - Best Practice - Browser based .Net C# Application - Print Direct to Ethernet connected ZD-621

M Matt Johnson 5 months 2 weeks ago
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We have an inhouse buitl web application that we wish to print a very simple 3 inch wide x 1.5 Tall  Barcode 128 style  with a couple lines of text.  While this seems straightforward it hasn't been.

1. Web Application Built with .net 6 C#,  Running in Chrome Browser on Windows 10 pc's

2. Zebra ZD-621 , Direct Thermal , Ethernet TCP/IP connected

First question -  do we need share the printer on a windows server for a Print Server or can it just sit on the network and send jobs right to a dns name  or IP address?

2. Should we be trying to use ZPL  or generating a PDF to send to Printer

3. If say we need to print 400 labels (each one different barcode #) is it better to create 1 huge pdf or use zpl ?  if pdf should it be 3 inch wide  x 1.5 tall for each page?

4. My developer is struggling trying to do pdf and we have these printers shared or hosted with print services on a windows server.  We have had a terrible time.  It can't be this hard.?


Any advice is appreciated. Developer saying we need to get different printers. I don't think so Zebra printers are in every store, warehouse etc and they seem to work...

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