Android 10 - Getting DataWedge to Work with Custom App Deployed Through MDM (MobileIron, Intune, etc)

H Hunter Bradshaw 1 year 6 months ago
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We have a custom native application built with the Zebra SDK to read barcodes with DataWedge. The scanners are configured to include our custom application and are managed by MobileIron. On Android versions prior to 10 this setup worked flawlessly. However, now with Android 10 forcing the use of the work profile, the scanner is no longer able to access DataWedge. This makes our applications, and frankly these scanners, useless.

From the Zebra documentation:
On Android 10 and higher devices, although the DataWedge icon is visible, DataWedge is not supported with Android work profile.

My question is how should we configure our software and/or MDM for this scenario if DataWedge "is not supported"? Side-loading the application into the personal profile of Android 10 is not a viable option as it would require tremendous overhead and also removes the security benefits of the work profile and MDM. Even if we were to build a web-based application I suspect this scenario would still not work as our internal applications are behind firewalls and certificate authorities that again would be configured in the work profile of the MDM. Any help at all is much appreciated!

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