Any documentation on mqtt for printers?

J Javier Hernández 5 months 2 weeks ago
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I have read in different places about zebra printers adding MQTT protocol support.

On the set-do manual for the printer, it shows how to configure the mqtt server. And if Alerts configured to the printer. The zebra printer is sending status notifications to a mqtt server.

However I have not found any documentation on how to send data back to the printer.

Something like endpoints and objects to send. I have only seen for RFID readers but not for printers.

I have several printers, and I have successfully connected the printer to an mqtt server. If i set the printer in pause I see an alert notification on the mqtt server published in (topic)/(id)/notifications

But I do not know how to send information to the printer. What subtopic and message format to send. Is there any documentation of such? 

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