Binary executable environment requirements


A Zebra newbie here. I could not find anything in the Linux SDK Guide. Other than the actual binary file(s), what is required to be installed on the computer running executable files that were derived from Zebra's sample corescanner console source code?

I adapted the corescanner console sample source code on an Ubuntu machine (RPi 4 with Java and Zebra SDK installed) to create what I hoped would be three (semi?) stand-alone binary files that will be launched by the subsystem's proof-of-concept control computer (for now, a Raspberry Pi 3B).

The three binary files, derived from the corescanner console, 1) enable the scanner, 2) read/transmit barcodes, and 3) disable the scanner (MS4717). When I attempted to launch the "enable" or "disable" executable on the control computer (without Java or Zebra's SDK), I got "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".

The SDK guide makes no mention of what is required in the final installation environment (e.g. Java, drivers…). Thought of simply loading the one file, but wasn't sure (since it is looking for "shared libraries") if it will then ask for another 3 to 500 (or more) files. Searching here for previous discussions on "" I got zero hits. Any insight on what I am (actually, the proof of concept control computer is) missing?