Browser print application won't start because 9100 in use.


I just downloaded Browser Print to use with another app. However, when I start it it says it can't start because port 9100 is in use. I restarted my computer multiple times and force quit everything that was in use. Unfortunately everything I've tried has had no effect. I followed the online manual exactly but I can't get it to work. Has anyone else had this problem. Does anyone have a solution?

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As the error msg indicates, the port 9100 is in use. You can use netstat command to verify whether the port 9100 is in use. The application, which uses the port 9100, may auto start on reboot. So restart the computer won't resolve the issue. The netstat will tell you for sure.

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Run the command with -ab option, i.e. netstat -ab. You may need the elevated permission. This will give you the information about which application is using the port 9100. Then you can terminate the particular application, and you should be able to launch the Browser Print.

Browser Print runs in the background of a computer; however, it cannot run at the same time as certain other pieces of software. Browser Print cannot run when any other program is using the computer’s 9100 or 9101 ports. These ports are used for RAW printing; that is, sending commands to
the printer in a printer language, such as ZPL.

When a program is using these ports, Browser Print will display a message stating that it cannot print in the current state. This will also be the case if you have an older version of the program running.

Note: The only known Zebra software to be incompatible is CardStudio, ID card design software.