BrowserPrint broadcast search is not finding my Wi-Fi printer.

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D Doug Brown 10 months ago
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I am creating an app to create barcodes for Zebra printers ZSB-DP14 and ZP 500. I currently have it working perfectly for the ZP 500 via USB but when looking for the ZSB-DP14 printer over the network, the BrowserPrint program cannot find the printer, only the drivers installed for the ZP 500 but nothing via the broadcast search.

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S Steven Si

Unlike the other Zebra printers, the ZSB printers, including the ZSB-DP14 and ZSB-DP12, won't respond to the broadcast search packet. Because the ZSB printers are meant for use with the Zebra ZSB mobile app (Android & iOS) and the ZSB Portal ( The ZSB printers do not support the Browser Print.

The Browser Print does support the ZP500 printers. In order for the ZP500 printers to be discoverable over the network, you need to make sure that the broadcast is not disabled by the network configuration. Usually, the broadcast is blocked on many Wi-Fi network for security reason. This is probably the reason why your ZP500 cannot be found on the Wi-Fi network.

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