Browserprint - SSL Certificate Issue on IE


Hi All,
I am still struggling to make BrowserPrint to be workable on IE.
On my local set up when browsing localhost:
- Browser Print v1.2.1.279
- IE11 version 11.950.17134.0 , update version 11.0.140
- Compatibility View Set for Localhost
- Response Header to include 'X-UA-Compatible' Header with value 'IE=11'
- Localhost is listed as trusted site on browserprint.
- Certificate for browserprint is installed manually on IE.
Current Behaviour:
- On using HTTP, browserprint can be used normally
- On using HTTPS, browserprint will return error when trying to run with error : XMLHttpRequest: Network Error 0x800c0019, Security certificate required to access this resource is invalid
- On visiting HTTPS://localhost:9101/ssl_support prior to visiting printing page, page can be opened without error and browserprint function normally. However, I will be required to consistently open the ssl_support page if i open a new internet explorer instance or the same error ( 0x800c0019) will be thrown again.
If Compatibility View is removed:
- BrowserPrint and page can be opened and used normally
- But, we cannot afford to do that since on client machine, compatibility view is always on
On Chrome
- Works fine
On MSEdge
- Also doesn't work
I am curious if there is a way to bypass having to open '9101/ssl_support' before attempting to print on IE.
Incidentally, may I know the mechanism/logic of what is happening when opening https://localhost:9101/ssl_support?
What is actually happening before the page display: 'SSL Certificate Has been accepted. Retry connection.' ?
It seems to be different from manually installing certificate on the browser since I have done so but i am still required to go to localhost:9101 before being able to access the browserprint.
Thank you for your time. I apologize for any inconvinience in advance