Caching in Enterprise Browser on TC70x


We have a node/react app that runs on Enterprise Browser on TC70x. We want to cache our JS files on the device to speed up load times. We have enabled 'ApplicationCache' and for 'SetCacheMode' tried the values 'LOAD_DEFAULT' and 'LOAD_CACHE_ELSE_NETWORK'. When 'SetCacheMode' is set to 'LOAD_CACHE_ELSE_NETWORK', app.hash.js and css files get cached, vendor.hash.js is not cached.
Testing on desktop /Chrome all our files are cached.
Is there any other property I should be updating in Config.xml for vendor.hash.js to be cached? Why would app.hash.js and vendor.hash.js be treated differently?

Submitted by Darryn Campbell on February 14, 2022 Permalink

Hi, yes, there are a few EB settings related to app cache:…

Please try enabling / disabling these were appropriate and restarting Enterprise Browser for these to take effect (maybe reboot the device also, to be on the safe side)

EB just uses the standard webview functionality for app caching, it should not be doing anything special other than specifying some of the WebSettings