Can I identify a mobile computer model using the MAC address?


Our WiFi sniffing tool can easily produce a list of MAC addresses for connected devices. From this we can easily identify the manufacturer however we'd like to go a step further and attempt to identify the model - eg. MC9060, MC9090, MC91990, MC9200, etc.
It does appear that there is some sort of sequential issuing of MAC address numbers to these models but am hoping someone has a definitive MAC address range for each model. Even if this list is 80% accurate it would be helpful.
So far we have identified these MAC address ranges as being allocated to Zebra and have sample MAC address for the MC9090, MC9190 and other models as indicated below. I'm keen to fill in some of the blanks.
MAC Vendor Device/Model
00:05:12:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc ?
00:07:4D:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Corp. ?
00:15:70:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc MC9090, MC3070
00:23:68:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc MC9190
00:A0:F8:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc ?
40:83:DE:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc MC32N0
74:93:A4:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Corp. ?
84:24:8D:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc ?
94:FB:29:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc. ?
C4:7D:CC:00:00:00 Zebra Technologies Inc ?

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We found an archive containing model, serial and MAC address information for just over 100 devices that operated in one of our clients warehouse environments. Analysis of that data does suggest that we can use the MAC address ranges to have a reasonably accurate guess at the model number.
I'd post my results here but I can't figure how to get tables to display properly or how to post a file. If anyone can tell me how to do that I am happy to share.

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I agree with Darryn, MAC adddresses are fairly random and set by the radio manufacturers.  While we do have several MAC groups that Zebra uses, it is not guarenteed that even that is set and stable. To find the kind of information you are looking for, you are best off going a level up to using TCP/UDP searches.  Even just a search and basic handshaking will get you manufacturer, model, serial number, etc.  

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Hi, this is for WM/CE presumably?  I have never heard of there being an underlying pattern so I would not like to make any assumptions.  I am not sure whre you are with your transition to Android but in Android there are initiatives from Google to randomize the MAC address that the device reports at each connection so this method would not be sustainable in the long term.