Cannot Create a New Developer Account

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M Matthew Tunnicliff 1 year 4 months ago
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The website freezes when attempting to create a new developer account (our shared email account), any thoughts?

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J James Swinton-Bland


I've just tested the sign-up process & I am unable to reproduce this error. Could you please provide a bit more detail or perhaps a screenshot/recording of the issue?



M Matthew Tunnicliff
Freezes here

Freezes here




J James Swinton-Bland

Thank you - I can see the the page starts to hang if you enter more than ~32 chars in the email field, though I was able to complete the registration by being patient with the page.

I will raise this issue to the team who manage the registration process. Thanks for reporting & I'll update this thread once we have some more info.

M Matthew Tunnicliff

Please can i ask you to create an account for the email address, i'm happy for you to set the password to whatever you wish.

Thereafter just send that email the password and i will change it 

Thank you

J James Swinton-Bland

As a work-around, please type the email address into another application (e.g. notepad) and then drag & drop the email into the registration form - this way the page does not hang. We're investigating a fix, but the above method works as a temporary solution.

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