Cannot find proper c# code for ZEBRA zt411


Dear Zebra Team,

Can you please guide which proper C# code for printing barcode in ZEBRA zt411. I had searched in the zebra developer portal. But it is confusing and not straight forward and also not mentioned this code is for ZEBRA zt411 Barcode printer. Kindly guide and thanks in advance

Submitted by SSi1 on November 21, 2022 Permalink

For barcode printing, we should be use the ZPL formatting language for the barcode. See the barcode section on the ZPL Programming Guide. Basically, the barcode is just a string of text of the ZPL commands, which to be sent to the ZT411 to translate into the barcode image to print. The easiest way to get a hand on the ZPL and the barcode printing is to use the ZebraDesigner for Developer tool. When print from the ZebraDesigner, you can print it to a file. Open the file with a text editor, you can see the ZPL commands used for the barcode.

To use C# to send the ZPL printer, please use the Link-OS SDK for .NET, which has example code here.