ClassCastException ASCII_SDK.ENUM_TRIGGER_ID cannot be cast to rfid.api3.RFID_EVENT_TYPE


hello, I'm running a xamarin android(not forms) app on a Zebra mc3300, the application uses the dll rfidapi3 sdk for xamarin android version, the code is practically the same as the demo app that comes with the dll although this demo application is built with xamarin forms. (Demo app is working fine)

I'm using the same ReaderModel.cs and the only thing that differs from the demo application is the ProcessTagData method inside my "AssetsListfragment.cs" which obviously handles the tag information differently.

Everything works perfectly, as I press the trigger the rfid tags are detected and are shown in the list just like in the demo application. Suddenly this error pops up right after I press the trigger a next time and no tags are read and the error keeps popping up each time I press the trigger until I reload the application.

[System.err] java.lang.ClassCastException: com.zebra.ASCII_SDK.ENUM_TRIGGER_ID cannot be cast to com.zebra.rfid.api3.RFID_EVENT_TYPE
[System.err] at com.zebra.rfid.api3.m1.c(Unknown Source:6)
[System.err] at com.zebra.rfid.api3.l.c(Unknown Source:2)
[System.err] at com.zebra.rfid.api3.k.b(Unknown Source:0)
[System.err] at com.zebra.rfid.api3.p.b(Unknown Source:2)
[System.err] at com.zebra.rfid.api3.Events$ Source:14)

I would appreciate any help as I don't know what else to do to try to find out what is causing this error
see attached files and change it to .cs then use sublime or other editor

RFID Manager infos:

Reader Module Version: PAAEES00-001-R13

Radio version:

Fragment.txt (23.61 KB)
ReaderModel.txt (22.26 KB)