Compiling MQTT C client for Zebra's C SDK application


Zebra allows customers to write C applications and deploy it as a Debian package to run on the FX7500 RFID reader. They provide a ready-to-download Eclipse environment for building the application (much appreciated). But the examples don't show any kind of network connectivity. Has anyone had success compiling Paho's MQTT client for Zebra's embedded C environment?

MQTT would be an efficient protocol to use if we want the full flexibility of writing our C application for RFID reporting (including custom filtering and report timing), and push that data out to a MQTT server. The existing built-in IoT Connector can publish data to a MQTT broker, but lacks the ability to incorporate custom filtering. IoT Connector is also very slow in terms of tag read performance. LLRP is faster, lacks any kind of custom filtering at all - it's just a firehose. The embedded C solution provides the most flexibility for filtering and report timing, but I haven't been able to build the MQTT client library into the application.

Link to Zebra C SDK:…

Paho MQTT client in C: