Crashing Xcode Application


-[TcpPrinterConnection waitForStreamsToFinishOpening]

var printerConnection = TcpPrinterConnection()
printerConnection = TcpPrinterConnection.init(address: "", andWithPort: 6101) <--- crashing here sometimes
printerConnection.write(data, error: &error) <--- crashing here sometimes also

Submitted by SSi1 on November 23, 2021 Permalink

Are  you using the UI thread to call the and printerConnection.write()? The Zebra printers are considered as slow accessories. Therefore, the API in the Link-OS SDK for iOS should be called by non-UI thread. Please use a background thread or spawn a new thread to call the APIs in the SDK.

Submitted by SSi1 on November 24, 2021 Permalink

Not sure what else could be wrong. But I suggest to test the Developer Demo project that comes with the release package of the Link-OS SDK for iOS. The Developer Demo has the sample code for a TCP connection that works as expected. It will give you a sense about how the API works in the Objective-C. Then go from there to debug your code further.

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I've just tested the Developer Demo project in Objective-C on my iOS 14 & 15 devices. The TCP and connection.write() works as expected. Though the SDK for iOS has not been updated for sometime, we have not seen any issues. For Swift, we expect the users to use the bridge header. There is no plan to create a Swift specific SDK.