DataWedge APIs for Notificication.LEDParams and Notification.Beep , similar to EMDK

As stated in the Subject, are there any existing Datawedge APIs for sending Notification params to toggle the LED and Beep actions for bluetooth scanners like RS 507.
There are APIs existing in EMDK for this and would like to know if they are available for DataWedge?

Darryn Campbell
DataWedge APIs for Notificication.LEDParams and Notification.Bee

Hi, the short answer is 'no' I'm afraid.  This feature is on the team's backlog but I can't speak to the priority or any expected delivery dates.  Everything achievable with the EMDK Scanner API is available through DataWedge but as you are aware, these features are delivered through the EMDK notification API.  You would need to write an EMDK app for this if you needed to change the settings dynamically.  Sorry.

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