Datawedge Listener not reacting

F Filip Huysmans 7 months ago
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we are trying to get scanned barcodes information into a webapplication.

We are using:

  • Zebra MC930B
  • EnterpriseBrowser:
  • Chrome version: 118.0.5993.80 (it seems that this version has impact on the version and capabilities of the Enterprise Browser)
  • Android : 8.1.0
  • DataWedge: 8.2.48

We have a webappliction running in the EnterpriseBrowser.

We are using the following javascript code:

function log (message)
   document.getElementById("logging").innerHTML = document.getElementById("logging").innerHTML + "<br>" + message;
function myIntentListenerCallback(myIntentData) 
   log('action : ' + myIntentData.action);
   apex.item( "P1_SCAN_DATA" ).setValue( "action: "+myIntentData.action );
   if ((myIntentData != null) && (myIntentData.action == "com.symbol.dw.action")) 
       let l_data = dataWedgeScannedData["com.symbol.datawedge.data_string"];
        log("data scanned: " + l_data);
       apex.item( "P1_SCAN_DATA" ).setValue( l_data );
function startListener() 
   log("start listener");
   log("started startIntentListener");

We see the "start listener" message, but not the "started startIntentListener".

When we perform a scan, we hear the beep, but do not see the "action : " message, assuming the myIntentListenerCallback method is not called.

What are we missing?


Kind regards


Filip Huysmans



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F Filip Huysmans

I found the issue.  I was missing ebapi-modules.js file.


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