[Datawedge] [Scanner] Scanner after read returns doubled value

Hello, I have own app that working on MC33 devices (android) . I am using Datawedge and own profile to manage scanner on my app.

My client is using around 17 devices MC33 daily, and today I got one back, because of problem with scanner.

Scanner sometimes returns double scanned value (for example, when I scan barcode '590' it returns '590590') and sometimes it work corectly.

It happens 2nd time, in last month client send me other device (MC33) with the same problem, after restoring it to default problems seems to disapear.

I checked and it scans double value not only in my app, but also in system notepad.

Any ideas what could casuses the bug?

Device is working on android 7.1.2
Level of security update (1 May 2018)