Deploy/install cert file on printer failed

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K Kevin Wu 8 months 2 weeks ago
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I referred to the Best Practices - Certificates section of  PrintSecure Printer Administration Guide - Zebra Technologies and tried to deploy the self-signed certificate to the printer. When I sent the following command to the printer, the printer did not respond. Is there something wrong with the command I sent? How should I modify it? Is there any other way to solve this problem.printercontent

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S Steven Si

Was the CSR of the certificate, which you were trying to place onto the printer, generated from the printer? Just to be clear that the action="place_cert" command is for the signed device certificate based on the CSR generated from the printer. If the CSR is generated on a separate system, then the signed device certificate should be downloaded to the printer via the action="store" command, i.e., the Multipart Form Store JSON format.

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