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DevCon 2021
Start: Wed, Nov 03, 2021 - 12:00 AM
End: Fri, Nov 05, 2021 - 12:00 AM

The landscape may have changed but the desire to learn from experts and peers, connect and exchange ideas remains unchanged. DevCon 2021 will help you build your knowledge base to prepare for the future. Rise to face an ever-changing technical world by attending this year’s online event.

Plan your personal agenda - breakout sessions will be organized into four tracks to make it easy to decide which ones to attend.

  • Cloud Software
  • Scanners/RFID
  • Printers
  • Enterprise Computing

We also have Key Note speeches from 

  • Tom Bianculli - SVP, Chief Technology Officer
  • Suresh Menon - SVP, General Manager for Software Solutions

Please see below for a list of available recordings:

Optimize Device Usage With VisibilityIQ™ APIs
Are your customers struggling with lost devices, battery management, optimizing device utilization, or too many No fault founds in repair? Learn how the VisibilityIQ™ APIs offer unique insights into overall mobile computer and printer fleet deployment, utilization across sites, and many other areas. This talk provides an overview of the business problems our customers have, the REST APIs available, and how to use them to enable your customers to optimize their workers by integrating Zebra's unique insights. Lean More:
Zebra Data Services Overview
This Session covers methods of calling and consuming VisibilityIQ™(VIQ) APIs and their data in web pages and major analytics platforms. Learn how to build custom views in Tableau that blend together, Insights from VIQ to learn new patterns of behavior such as connections between device utilization and scanning activity that could be used to track worker productivity. You will also learn methods to correlate insights across multiple categories, such as application crashes, device crashes, and critical battery events. Learn More:
Data Visualization Techniques for the Device Usage and Health APIs
This is an overview of the current APIs available at highlighting quick dives into each of the services available, as well as their purpose and value-add. Learn More:
Intro to FX Reader Cloud Connectivity For Zebra RFID Solutions
With Cloud Connect for RFID, Zebra is taking the complexity out. Access and manage your readers directly from the cloud through rest web APIs. Watch this session to learn more about the different ways to connect your Zebra RFID Reader to the cloud. Learn More:
Deep Dive into Zebra Data Services For RFID
With the release of v3.0 this session reviews the new features available on the reader in the cloud to enable easier integration of RFID sensors into solutions. Learn More:
Unlock Business With Zebra’s Scanner SDK
Learn from the Zebra experts about the exciting new capabilities our scanning SDK unlocks in our 2D imaging scanners. Capture this growth by integrating a 2D imaging scanners into traditional point of sale, warehousing and mobile device (tablet, laptops, cell phone) apps. Topics to be covered: SDKs, remote management tools, scanner setup tools, demo tools. Supported OSs: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome and 4690. Learn More:
FX9600-Industrial Ethernet Protocol | Part 1
Part one of this session covers how Zebra Network Connect can seamlessly integrate a FX9600 fixed RFID reader into your industrial PLC network (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus) with no additional conversion equipment. Learn how adding RFID to a PLC can drive a new level of visibility. Learn More:
FX9600-Industrial Ethernet Protocol | Part 2
Part two of this session covers how Zebra Network Connect can seamlessly integrate a FX9600 fixed RFID reader into your industrial PLC network (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus) with no additional conversion equipment. Learn how adding RFID to a PLC can drive a new level of visibility. Learn More:
Cloud-Based Printing API
SendFileToPrinter is a Zebra Data Services cloud-based REST API for Zebra Print DNA printers featuring our advanced Link-OS operating system. Learn how to gain the access to the SendFileToPrinter API, how to connect your Link-OS printer to Zebra Data Services cloud platform, and how to use the API to send a print job to the printer. Learn More:
Zebra Intelligent Edge Printer
In this presentation, we will discuss the most recent updates and new features added to the Zebra Enterprise printer with Link-OS 6.3 and an introduction to Printer AppPlatform. Learn More: Learn More:
ZebraDesigner For Developers
An introduction to ZebraDesigner for Developers v3 and template-based printing, followed with demonstrations on how to create a template from ZebraDesigner and how to invoke the template on the printer through Link-OS SDK. Learn more:
Zebra ZSB Series Printer For Ecommerce
Zebra has developed the first series of a new printer that is exclusively designed to support the needs of small business ecosystems. Watch this video to learn more about Zebra SOHO Printer Tools that will allow the developers to access the amazing e-commerce market with new solutions. Learn More:
Use Link-OS SDK with Reactive Native For Android And iOS
In this video, we will go over the workflow for integrating the Link-OS SDK with React Native to develop label printing applications for Android and iOS. Learn More:
Print DNA Ecosystem & Review
Zebra DNA, is a unique suit of software capabilities engineered into every Zebra device to keep them in their prime through every stage of life. This session provides an overview on the product portfolios of the printer software and tools for asset tracking solutions. Learn More:
Link-OS SDK Hands-On With Xamarin
Come and learn with us the technical aspects of developing printing applications in Xamarin using the Link-OS SDK. Learn More:
Zebra Workstation Connect
Double the functionality of your Zebra mobile computers and tablets with Zebra Workstation Connect. This robust value-added software solution provides workers with a true desktop workstation experience – ideal for heavier data entry, navigating information-rich applications, viewing content on a large screen, and interacting with multiple applications. Workers can switch between mobile device and mobile-driven workstation on the fly, choosing the right mode for the moment. Learn More:
Enterprise Browser And Enterprise Keyboard
Enterprise Browser is Zebra’s development kit aimed at developers who want to create HTML and JavaScript-based applications with access to the full device capabilities. Enterprise Keyboard is Zebra’s customized keyboard designed for enterprise use cases such as gloved input and use outdoors. This talk will cover the latest features added to both products and how you can write compelling hybrid or web application with fully customizable keyboard layouts. Learn More:
EMM (MDM) And Application Management
More and more companies are adopting an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Manager, previously known as an MDM) to deploy and manage their devices and applications. EMMs themselves have undergone a recent transition to Device Owner (or ‘fully managed devices’). This session will demystify the terminology and provide guidance on how application developers and device administrators can adapt to using an EMM for both device and application management. Learn More:
Securing Zebra Android Devices
Learn from Zebra Experts on how to use specific Mx features and EHS to persistently lock down Zebra devices and ensure that they are not accessible for either configuration or application changes. Learn from the Zebra experts about the GMS Restricted mode and StageNow 4.0 (and higher) supports Trusted Staging. Learn More:
What’s New For Enterprise Developers In Android 11 and 12
Android 11 and 12 comes with a slew of new features for enterprise developers as well as changes to user privacy and app behavior. In this session we cover some of the new and upcoming features that are likely to have an impact on your enterprise deployment. Learn More:
EMC Roadmap | Upcoming SDK, Tools And Management Portfolio
Watch this session to learn about Zebra Android roadmap for enterprise computing including our SDKs, tools, solutions, devices and device management. Learn more:
Updating Your App For Scoped Storage And Enterprise Persistence
Android 11 and 12 are seeing big changes around how your application can use Android’s external storage and how you can persist applications across an Enterprise Reset. This is a deep dive into what you need to do to prepare for the changes and cover Zebra’s recommended techniques for dealing with Android’s scoped storage and enterprise reset persistence. Learn more:
What’s New In DataWedge
DataWedge is the primary mechanism to capture data on our Android devices. This talk covers the new added features in DataWedge and give insight into the upcoming re-architecture. Learn More:
Introduction To Development For Zebra Android Devices
Learn how to get started developing applications for Zebra mobile computers. We review options and show you how to use the various APIs and tools to create a simple barcode scanning app, screen size, device type, or coding language, regardless of platform. Learn more: *Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
New Solutions to Help Manage Devices and Boost Productivity
Zebra Android devices are much more than just barcode scanners. We recently released a number of exciting new cloud-based solutions designed to improve the capabilities of our devices and boost overall worker productivity. Watch this session to get a closer look at some of those solutions and to find out what else is on the way in the near future. learn more: *Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
Future Technology Trends | Keynote
It’s hard to make predictions about the future, but one thing that we can be sure of is that the jobs of tomorrow will be different from those of today. Digital transformation is accelerating in every industry, with disruptors changing the way we save lives, deliver goods, manufacture and work remotely. Tom Bianculli, Zebra’s Chief Technology Officer, share his top picks on the acceleration of trends and the opportunities they present for Zebra. Learn More:
Driving Digital Innovation In Retail | Keynote
Our SVP and General Manager Suresh Menon, covers Zebra's Software & Solutions strategy and highlight the software investments that are being made to drive digital innovation in retail along with its ISV and channel partners. Learn More:
Decentralized Supply Chains with Zebra Data Services | EPCIS 2.0
EPCIS 2.0 is a supply chain standard for storing and sharing supply chain event data and can be seamlessly integrated with DLT technology. Learn how to decentralize supply chains using Zebra RFID Data Services and IOTA Ledger Technology in this video. Full details can also be reviewed in this blog: