Developing apps to control Zebra barcode scanners - preferably C# .NET


I'm looking to develop apps for zebra scanners. We have a need for operators to scan barcodes in a production environment. They would be scanning barcodes to verify the items are scanned in a prescribed, sequential order.
They would not be in proximity to a computer monitor, often moving 10-15', so the feedback to the user would need to be through the gun, which would need to be wireless.
The feedback would need to include indications of "correct/incorrect item barcode" as expressed with a beep, an LED, and most importantly an lcd screen.
The user would load a prescribed list of barcodes (i.e. from a text file) into an app I can develop, preferably c# .NET winforms. The app would capture the gun, and receive data from a scan. With each scan, the app would compare the value against the next expected value (from the prescribed list) and then command the gun to beep GOOD, LED GREEN, LCD "good scan xxxxx, please scan yyyyy next" if it was correct, or beep BAD, LED RED, LCD "wrong - you scanned zzzzz, please scan xxxxx"
I'm looking into the DS3678 with LCD screens, but they have been unobtainable since middle of last year.
I've also investigated Datalogic Products (esp the PowerScan PS9300) but their SDK and help to a beginner like myself is not sufficient.
I'm intrigued with the MT2070/2090, but unsure it has the ability to accept commands for the beep/LED, or allows a user to populate the LCD display.

I would appreciate any guidance or advice anyone can offer. I'd especially like to be pointed towards tutorials, or if there are professional resources available for programming or training on programming in this area.

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Thanks for choosing Zebra products. The company offers several environments for building apps for its devices. EMDK for Xamarin is free and builds native apps using C#. You might also consider Enterprise Browser, which lets you create HTML-based UIs that interface with device peripherals through JavaScript. A per-device license applies. 

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