DS3608: Codebar Group Separator string replacement

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J Jose Maria Mosquera 2 months 4 weeks ago
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Hello friends, I'm a newbie here. I hope to get your help and patience with the next case. Grateful in advance for your support.

I have a DS3608 connected via USB to a VC8300-8 (Android 11). I need the Group Separator (GS) character to be replaced by the equals character "=". I have tried unsuccessfully to configure the action within DataWedge (VC8300-8) according to this link: https://supportcommunity.zebra.com/s/article/Replacing-Group-Separator-GS-with-tildes?language=en_US 

I have uploaded an attachment with the barcode example.

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J Jose Maria Mosquera

Hello again! I have solved this case by performing the following steps:

1. Download Zebra 123Scan Utility.

2. Create an ADF Rule:

3. Generate/read the code with the DS3608. Includes the following actions: Set factory defaults/Erase all Rules/Replace GS by Equals character 

4. Read the code with the DS3608 Add an Enter Key (Carriage Return/Line Feed) after scanned data:

Once the above has been done, I obtain the required result!

Best regards,

R Riad Benallou

if you are in USB HID then you do ADF in scanner using 123scan.

To use and control scanner via datawedge instead you will have to set your scanner to SSI over USB CDC.


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